Brigitte Bardot par Ghislain Dussart

Brigitte Bardot par Ghislain Dussart

Ghislain “Jicky” Dussart (French, 1924-1996) left an indelible mark as Brigitte Bardot’s cherished friend and personal photographer.

Beginning his career as a press photographer for Paris Match, fate intervened in 1953 when he met Bardot while visiting her sister. This encounter marked the genesis of a unique relationship that evolved into Dussart becoming Bardot’s official photographer for over 2 decades.

Dussart’s lens not only captured Bardot’s outer beauty - as she was one of the most photographed stars of the post-war era - but also delved into the essence of their friendship and the sensitive exploration of a myth that continues to fascinate as on the first day. Confidant and witness to Bardot’s life, his numerous photographs played an essential role in spreading the Bardot legend.

Ghislain Dussart established himself over time as a masterful visual storyteller, showcasing his talent, particularly in portrait photography. His artistic journey extended beyond the lens, collaborating with numerous prestigious international magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Life Magazine and Playboy.

His iconic images bear witness to the timeless beauty, elegance and charisma of Brigitte Bardot.


On view : 15 June - 22 September 2024